OPD Facilities

The O.P.D. consists of the consultation chamber, the refraction room, contact lens clinic and the optical centre. The consultation room includes:

1. Motorized Ophthalmic chair unit
2. Slit Lamp
3. Computerized Auto-Refractometer & Keratometer
4. A-Scan Ultrasound Machine with Immersion
5. OCT Machine for advanced Retina & Glaucoma imaging.
6. Direct & Indirect Ophthalmoscope
7. Applanation Tonometer
8. LCD vision chart

OT Facilities

1. International 3-barrier concept operation theatre.
2. Ultramodern sterilization & fumigation techniques for complete sterility.
3. Carl Zeiss Operating Microscope (Germany)
4. Oertli Phaco Machine (Swiss) with cold Phaco and Vitrectomy with Micro incision technology.
5. Boyle's apparatus
6. Suction Machine
7. Motorized operating table.