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Dr. Akbar Eye Hospital in Jaipur
Dr. Akbar Eye Hospital in Jaipur
Eye Hospital in Jaipur


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Eye Hospital


Year of Trust & Services

Cataract Surgeries in Jaipur

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Cataract Surgeries

Lasik Surgery in Jaipur


Lasik Surgeries

Eye Hospitals in Jaipur

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Best Eye Hospital in Jaipur

Ratan Netralaya Hospital

dr ratan kumar
One-stop solution to all eye-related problems
  • Ratan Netralaya was established on 6th November 2011 as state-of-the-art, modern eye hospital equipped with the latest and most advanced machines and equipments. The hospital is located in the heart of the city, fully air-conditioned and easily accessible with ample parking space.
  • At present, we are the ONLY HOSPITAL IN JAIPUR TO PROVIDE 100% TOPICAL PHACOEMULSIFICATION (NO INJECTION TECHNIQUE) for treating cataract patients. Topical phacoemulsification is the latest, most advanced and the safest way to treat cataract patients today.
  • The hospital is backed by well qualified and experienced specialist doctors, paramedical staff and other support staffs. The hospital, though relative new, is setting a benchmark in quality eye care services at an affordable price for the general public. The motto of the hospital “OUR UTMOST TO PROVIDE THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF EYE CARE SERVICES” is the driving force in our endeavor.
  • The founder director of Ratan Netralaya Dr. P. Ratan Kumar completed his MBBS from the prestigious SMS Medical College, Jaipur. He pursued his Diplomat of National Board degree in ophthalmology from Sahai hospital and research centre, Jaipur. He has a keen interest in academics and has presented numerous papers in many state and national level conferences.
  • He was awarded the gold medal in 2008 Rajasthan ophthalmic society conference held at Kota for presenting a scientific paper on a new technique developed by him for dealing with polar cataract (a complicated form of cataract).

Our Specialities

General Eye Care

The increasing pollution and changing lifestyle can lead to many general eye problems. Dr. Akbar Super speciality eye hospital provides general eye care services such as eye vision correction with eyeglasses, treatment of red or dry eye, etc.

  • Precision equipment
  • Highly trained doctors
  • 27+ years of experience
General Eye Care hospital in Jaipur

Cataract Treatment

The development of cataracts due to age or hereditary issues can cause impaired vision or full blindness. Get the best cataract removal at Dr. Akbar Super speciality Eye Hospital.

  • Multiple cataract surgery options
  • Post-surgery checkup and care
  • No hospitalization required
Cataract Treatment in Jaipur

Robotic Femto Cataract Surgery

This latest technique is being used by a handful of hospitals, Dr. Akbar Super speciality Eye Hospital is one of them. It replaces the requirement of manual operations and is very accurate and precise.

  • Perfect lens placement and alignment
  • All-laser cataract surgery
  • Blade-free surgery
  • Better visual outcome
Robotic Femto Treatment in Jaipur
Refractive Surgery in Jaipur

Refractive Surgery

Get rid of glasses and impaired vision at Dr. Akbar Super speciality Eye Hospital with refractive surgery. Treatment of refractive errors such as myopia, hypermetropia, and presbyopia is done with precision and the best results.

  • Highly skilled doctors
  • Precision equipment used
  • Proper examination before surgery
Lasik Treatment in Jaipur

Lasik Treatment

Dr. Akbar Super Speciality Eye Hospital's provides precision Lasik treatment of eyes for better vision and getting rid of eyeglasses. Get rid of spectacles with precision Lasik treatment and enjoy the freedom.

  • Latest and safest Lasik
  • No hospitalization required
  • No need for glasses after Lasik
Retina Treatment in Jaipur

Retina Treatment

The retina is a key part of your eye that makes it possible for you to see the world. At Dr. Akbar Super speciality Eye Hospital, get the best treatment for your retinal problems and enjoy the gift of vision.

  • Precision treatment
  • Latest equipment and infrastructure
  • Highly experienced and trained doctors

Cornea Treatment

Problems such as corneal infection, ulcers, conjunctivitis, etc. can be dangerous if not detected and treated on time. Dr. Akbar Super speciality Eye Hospital provides the best corneal services with state-of-the-art technology.

  • Highly skilled doctors
  • Precision cornea replacement surgery
  • Reshape cornea using LASIK
Squint  Treatment in Jaipur

Squint Treatment

Squint eyes should be properly treated on time otherwise it can lead to permanent loss of vision or blindness in later stages. Let the expert doctors at Dr. Akbar Super speciality Eye Hospital examine and treat squint and let your eyes enjoy the world.

  • Evaluation and diagnosis by experts
  • Precision surgery for Squint
  • Expert doctors with vast experience
Squint  Treatment in Jaipur
Oculoplastic Treatmen in Jaipur

Oculoplastic Treatment

This service deals with problems related to eyelids, lacrimal system, orbit, and aesthetic lids of your eyes. Dr. Akbar Super speciality Eye Hospital provides oculoplastic treatment and surgery to correct such issues.

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Highly skilled staff
  • Precision treatment and surgery
Glaucoma  Treatment in Jaipur

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma can lead to peripheral vision loss and eventually complete blindness over time if not treated on time. Dr. Akbar Super speciality Eye Hospital has the best methods to detect and treat glaucoma.

  • Expert doctors
  • Precision detection and treatment
  • 27+ years of experience

Dry Eye Clinic

Dry eye is a common problem that occurs when tears are not able to provide proper lubrication to your eye. Dr. Akbar Super speciality Eye Hospital has the best diagnosis and solutions for dry eye.

  • In-depth examination by experts
  • Tear osmolarity test
  • Precise treatment
Dry Eye Hospitals in Jaipur
Paeditric Eye Care in Jaipur

Paediatric Eye Care

Eye problems in children should be diagnosed and treated in the early stages as they can lead to various problems later on. Dr. Akbar Super speciality Eye Hospital's pediatric eye care department is fully equipped to take care of your child’s vision.

  • Examination by expert doctors
  • Precision equipment used
  • Proper detection and treatment

Why Choose Us

With over 23+ years of experience in eye care services and a wide range of services to cater all your eye care needs, Dr. P. Ratan Kumar Super Speciality Eye Hospital is your best eye care bet.


Over the course of 23+ years, Dr. P. Ratan Kumar Super Speciality Eye Hospital has built an impeccable reputation in the realm of eye care.

Advanced Technology

Using globally advanced technology, we offer state-of-the-art treatments, setting us apart in eye care.

Personal care and attention

Every patient receives personalized attention, ensuring precise care and fostering trust and comfort.

Experience and training

Our staff, skilled and knowledgeable, undergoes rigorous training, ensuring top-tier eye care service.

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